You did not cause your acne. Many people with acne have incredible skin hygiene regimens.  We know that hormones contribute to acne which is why we have many options in our office to treat acne.  

People get acne from their teenage years through menopause.  We will review your skin care regimen and recommend specific products for your skin type as well as your age.  We have blue LED light therapy, which acts against Propionibacterium acne.  We also offer IPL treatment which produces reactive oxygen that safely destroys acne producing bacteria.  You may want to purchase a series of these very affordable and painless treatments.

Hydrafacials are another excellent treatment choice for acne. The hydrafacial is not only beneficial to your skin, but a very pleasant experience. We start with a cleansing.  Then a wand with gentle suction/massage is used to remove debris for your pores and carry out a deep pore cleansing.  The next step would be a lymphatic drainage, helping to move the acne causing inflammatory debris under the surface of your skin to leave through your lymph nodes.  Hydration treatment follows .  Hydrafacial treatment for acne would also include a relaxing blue light LED session. Hydrafacials combine cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection leaving you feeling relaxed and your skin enriched.  When starting acne treatment, weekly treatments are recommended and we have special packages available. Once the acne is under control, we recommend 6 week follow-ups.

For many women, birth control pills can also be incorporated in the treatment of acne. Hormone changes can aggravate acne from the teenage years through menopausal changes. Acne also plagues many women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Treatments are not all hormonal and many people choose nonhormonal treatments alone or in combination with hormones. 

Call us now to make an appointment to design an acne treatment plan specific for your skin and your lifestyle.


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