Adolescents experience a lot of changes, some welcome and some not. We are happy to talk and to answer questions.  Sometimes talking tp someone outside of family and school can make it easier to ask about bodily changes, gynecologic concerns as well as sexual safety.

A common question is "Will I need a Pap on my first visit?"  And "Will I need a pap to get birth control?"  Pap smears are not recommended until age 21, however we do see adolescent patients in office for birth control consults, STD testing, and overall education on the female body.  In certain high risk situations, paps can and should be done earlier.  On the other hand, not all 21 year olds need a pap.

We also specialize in acne treatment and would be happy to device an individualized plan.  Some women feel comfortable starting on birth control pills for acne and others do not.  We would love to work with you to discuss options including skin care regimens, blue light therapy, IPL and Hydrafacials.  

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