Annual Wellness Exams


Why Should I Get My Annual Wellness Exams?

Just as you should visit your dentist for regular cleanings twice a year and you should see your regular doctor for an annual checkup, the same rules apply when seeing a gynecologist. Even if you aren’t dealing with symptoms you should still visit your gynecologist once a year for your annual wellness checkup. It’s one of the best ways to maintain good health and to detect problems early on.

Of course, we also know how important it is for patients to understand what to expect when they walk through the doors of our office for care. If you are undergoing a routine annual wellness check at Ideal Gynecology here’s what you can expect,

Check your vital signs: This includes everything from your heart rate and blood pressure to your temperature.

Your medical history: It’s important that you fill out everything about your health, from habits such as drinking and smoking and pre-existing conditions to your family’s medical history. This will give your doctor an idea of certain health issues to be on the lookout for. We will also ask you questions about your period and any symptoms or issues you might be having.

Pelvic exam: During this part of the exam, you will lie down with your feet elevated in stirrups. We will use a speculum to keep the vaginal walls open so that we can examine the cervix, uterus and vagina. Around the age of 21 years old, your gynecologist may recommend getting regular Pap tests, a quick diagnostic screening tool that can check for cancerous cells in the cervix.

Breast examination: Sometimes your doctor will perform a manual breast examination in which they will apply pressure to the area with their hands to check for any lumps, masses or abnormalities. Your OBGYN would also be happy to show you how to perform breast exams on yourself, which you should be doing on a regular basis.

This appointment is also a time for women to discuss their reproductive health with their doctors. If you are sexually active you may want to talk to us about birth control options, getting the HPV vaccine or STD testing. Women who are having issues conceiving can also talk with their OBGYN about their options or to discuss referrals for fertility treatment. Remember, this appointment is about you and your health. If you have any questions about birth control, abnormal bleeding, painful periods, getting pregnant or other concerns don’t hesitate to ask us.

If it’s time for your annual wellness check call Ideal Gynecology in Atlanta, GA, at (470) 312-3696 to schedule your next visit.

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