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Birth Control in the United States

Some things ARE better in 2020. 

1873 The Comstock Act passed in the United States prohibiting advertisements, information, and distribution of birth control and allowing the postal service to confiscate birth control sold through the mail.


1965 The Supreme Court (in Griswold v. Connecticut) gave married couples the right to use birth control, ruling that it was protected in the Constitution as a right to privacy. However, millions of unmarried women in 26 states were still denied birth control.


1972 The Supreme Court (in Baird v. Eisenstadt) legalized birth control for all citizens of this country, irrespective of marital status.


2013 After protracted regulatory and legal battles, one brand of the emergency contraceptive pill (Plan B One-Step) becomes available without a prescription on drug store shelves.


Amazing to think that before 1965 even married women were not legally allowed access to birth control in America.  Now there are many methods available, from “the pill”, patches, implants, to the IUD (Intrauterine Device). 

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