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May 12, 2020
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Could this fat freezing technology give you the bikini body you want?

While working out and eating right should produce the results you’re looking for, fat is a little trickier and more complicated than that. Fat is pretty stubborn and while you will certainly see results from leading a healthier lifestyle, you may still find fat in areas such as the stomach, sides and thighs that don’t seem to be disappearing as quickly. While some people tend to turn to plastic surgery for results, our Atlanta, GA, gynecologist, Dr. Lillian Schapiro, offers a non-invasive, non-surgical way to destroy these pockets of unwanted fat.

What is Coolsculpting?

In essence, Coolsculpting works by freezing and destroying fat cells in certain areas of the body. During your session, a handheld device is placed over your area of concern. While attached, the device delivers cooling technology to cause damage the fat cells which are then cleared by your own lymph system. One session usually takes about 30 minutes.

What problems can Coolsculpting treat?

Just about any area of the body that has some unwanted fat can benefit from Coolsculpting. This includes:

  • Upper arms and the bra line
  • Double chin
  • Back
  • Stomach
  • Sides or “love handles”
  • Thighs
  • Buttock

Try the “pinch” test: If you can pinch an inch layer, then more than likely, we can treat it with Coolsculpting.

When will I see results from Coolsculpting?

It will take time for the fat cells to break down and be reabsorbed by the body’s lymphatic system. You should start to see results about four weeks after treatment with the most visible results occurring within three months. The body will continue to reabsorb these fat cells for up to six months after Coolsculpting treatment. The good news is that once these fat cells are destroyed, they can’t return.

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