Dilation and Curettage

Sometimes women come to the office and are bleeding so heavily that we opt to do a procedure right away in the office.  Please be clear with our front office that you are having a bleeding emergency and need to be seen immediately.

A D and C might be performed for diagnosis and treatment of a terribly heavy period or a miscarriage. If you think you will need a D & C, it is a good idea to take ibuprofen (if you have no contraindications) before coming to the office.

First, we will numb your uterus with a paracervical block of lidocaine. If your cervix is not open, we may need to stabilize your cervix with an instrument called a tenaculum. Then, a small tube with a suction will be passed through your cervix into the uterine cavity. The tissue that is obtained will be sent to a pathologist and may tell us why you are having bleeding problems. Often, the procedure removes enough tissue to control the bleeding. This will probably cause cramping. Generally, the cramping resolves in a few minutes.

It is best to have someone drive you to the office.

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