Dyspareunia means pain during and/or after sexual intercourse.  Any number of complications can cause sex to be painful.  It can be a problem for a woman at any age. Do not be embarrassed.  We understand that this can be difficult to discuss.  Your practitioner will take a careful history and do a specialized physical exam.  Very often, there are issues that can be addressed and solved.

Pain with intercourse can begin at any age.  It can be from something as simple as a yeast infection to something as complicated as a history of trauma.  If you have never been able to put in a tampon, you may have a hymen that is still intact. 

Questions to expect will include:

Has sex always been painful? 

When did sex start to be painful?

Does sex hurt when someone or something first enters the vagina? (Entry Dyspareunia) Does the pain go away during intercourse? 

Is the pain the most at when your partner is at the back of the vagina? (Deep dyspareunia.)  This is a common problem with endometriosis, but can also be a sign of fibroids.


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