Endometrial Ablation

Are you suffering from very heavy and/or painful periods?

Do you have to organize your life around your periods?

If you are finished having children, an endometrial ablation might be a good choice for you.

The first thing we have to do is to evaluate the cause of your heavy/painful periods.  We will recommend an ultrasound and/or hysteroscopy as well as an endometrial biopsy.  This helps us to evaluate for fibroids, polyps, precancerous or cancerous cells, any of which may be causing your heavy bleeding.  If all of that comes back normal, we can discuss an endometrial ablation to control your bleeding and/or pain.  Often, women just have terrible periods and there is nothing "wrong."  If there are polyps or fibroids, the chance of success with an endometrial ablation are reduced.  If there are cancer or precancerous cells, then an endometrial ablation is not the right choice.

An endometrial ablation can be conveniently done in the office with oral pain medications and a paracervical block (numbing your uterus.)

Prior to an endometrial ablation, we will need to assess the cause of your bleeding to make sure that you are a good candidate with an excellent chance of success.  This evaluation will include an ultrasound and/or a sonohysterogram and an endometrial biopsy.

When you arrive for your endometrial biopsy, we will have you take pain medication at the office.  We will then give you a nice, soft gown.  We will check your vitals and then take you into our procedure room.  I will place an appropriately sized speculum and numb your uterus.  Once the paracervical block is working, I will stabilize your cervix with an instrument and then introduce a camera into the uterus.  Then, the ablation will be performed.  The entire procedure takes only a few minutes.  All instruments are then removed and you will have time to recover before going home.  Someone will need to bring you to the office, bring you home and care for you for the remainder of the day.

I have so many patients who tell me that this is the best thing they ever did!  In our mother’s day, the only option was a hysterectomy.  This is so much easier and noninvasive.

Call today to discuss whether or not an endometrial ablation is the right option to help you with your terrible periods.

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