Endometrial Ablation

If you are finished bearing children, you may choose to have an endometrial ablation after we have diagnosed the cause of your heavy and/or irregular bleeding.  An endometrial ablation can be conveniently done in the office with a paracervical block and intravenous sedation.  If you are having sedation, you can not have anything to eat or drink from midnight the night before your procedure.  You will meet with the anesthesiologist in the office before the procedure.  You will then go to sleep before a speculum is placed.  I will place an appropriately sized speculum and numb your uterus.  I will stabilize your cervix with an instrument and then introduce a camera into the uterus.  Then, the ablation will be performed.  The entire procedure takes only a few minutes.  All instruments are then removed and you will have time to recover before going home.  Someone will need to bring you to the office, bring you home and care for you for the remainder of the day.

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