How do you know if you have endometriosis?  That is not a simple question.

Endometriosis can cause women tremendous pain.  Pain may be worse during the menstrual cycle, but not always.  Intercourse may be incredibly painful.  Endometriosis can interfere with school, sports and work.  If you have severe pelvic pain, find a doctor who takes you seriously.
At Ideal Gynecology, our evaluation of endometriosis begins with talking to you.  We will do an in-depth history and then a physical exam.  The next step will most likely be an ultrasound.  We do this in our office because the woman who does our ultrasounds is excellent, thorough and gentle.
Finally, there is some good news for women with endometriosis.  When Dr. Schapiro was in training, the only way to diagnose endometriosis was with surgery and the treatment involved surgery and a medicaton which caused severe menopausal symptoms.  August of 2018 a new medication hit the market which suppresses endometriosis without putting women into a menopause-like state.  If you think you might have endometriosis or know that you have endometriosis, let us help you on this journey.

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