There is too much to say about menopause to put in this space.  Every woman experiences menopause in her own way and our team is here to discuss your symptoms from hot flashes to low energy to difficulty sleeping to loss of sex drive.  Not all symptoms are caused by  menopause and we may do some blood tests to check.  We want to  make sure you have the best treatment for your issues.  Diet and exercise are still key to the healthiest menopausal years.

Do you take hormones? Do you not take hormones? What else is out there to deal with hot flashes and painful intercourse?  We are here to address the issues most important to you and let you know what is the latest.  Did you know a non-estrogen vaginal cream just came out for vaginal dryness?

Another common challenge for women at perimenopause and menopause is that urinary leakage and fecal incontinence may begin or get worse as your estrogen levels fall. This is a great time to improve your pelvic muscle strength. As women get older, the tissue gets weaker and exercises and muscle stimulation can help maintain strength.

Strengthening the muscles and increasing blood flow can also enhance sexual function in these very important transitional years and beyond.  At Ideal Gynecology we have an excellent and personalized pelvic muscle training program.  Insurance  often covers this treatment. We can check your insurance and try to find out what is covered for you.  Call us if you are starting to have problems holding your urine or if you have been putting off addressing the problem.  We want to help you improve your pelvic health.


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