Osteoporosis Screening and Treatment

As women age and go through menopause, their estrogen levels decrease. This places women at a greater risk for bone loss and fracture. Osteoporosis literally means porous bone and is a disease in which the quality of the bone is reduced. We recommend DEXA bone density scans every 2-5 years starting at menopause, and can refer you to a bone health specialist if needed.

The goal of osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment is to prevent fractures or broken bones.  Walking regularly should be a part of everyone's daily routine.  Walking helps your bone strength.  Another important item is Vitamin D.  Most of us spend most of our time indoors and when we are outdoors we wear sunscreen.  All of this reduces Vitamin D.  A common supplement dose of Vitamin D is Vitamin D3 at 2,000 units daily.  If you have a Vitamin D deficiency, you many need to start at a different dose.  Bone Builder Forte has hydroxyapatite which is also important for maintaining bone health.  You can find Bone Builder Forte at idealgyn.metagenics.com with the password idealgyn.

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