Pelvic Exam

A pelvic exam has several parts.  First, we will look at the outside, at the labia majora, also called the vulva.  We are looking for lumps or bumps which may indicate warts or other changes.

This is often followed by a speculum exam.  As a gynecology office, we have many sizes of speculums as our patients come in many sizes.  The speculum exam is done to visualize the inside of the vagina as well as the cervix.  If you are here because you have a vaginal discharge, you will most likely have a speculum exam so that we can see and get a sample of the discharge.

The next part is called a "bimanual exam".  Your provider will gently place one  finger inside the vagina and place the other hand on your abdomen.  This is done to evaluate for an enlarged uterus or enlarged ovaries.  We are also noting if there is tenderness in one or more areas on your exam.  This can let us know if you have fibroids or an ovarian cyst.  If we feel something out of the ordinary on your exam, we will recommend an ultrasound for further evaluation.  

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