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Whether you’re in need of a diagnosis for irregular periods or looking forward to the first look at your developing baby, Ideal Gynecology, LLC, in Atlanta, Georgia, offers convenient in-house ultrasounds. Lillian Schapiro, MD, and Olivia Taylor, WHNP use ultrasounds to diagnose health conditions and develop treatment plans. To schedule an ultrasound appointment, call the practice or use the online booking tool.

Ultrasounds Q & A

What are ultrasounds?

Ultrasounds produce images of your organs with high-frequency soundwaves. Also called sonograms, ultrasounds use a transducer device to safely transmit soundwaves into your body. As the soundwaves reach your organs and tissues, they bounce off and return to the transducer, similar to an echo, which then sends the information to the computer for conversion from soundwave data to high-quality imagery. 

What conditions can ultrasounds diagnose?

Diagnostic ultrasounds help doctors determine the cause of gynecologic health conditions and symptoms. Common conditions or the reason for symptoms diagnosed through ultrasounds include:  

Ideal Gynecology, LLC, also performs ultrasounds if endometrial or ovarian cancer is suspected and for procedures such as a sonohysterogram to check for uterine cavity masses. The FemVue® fallopian tube blockage detection procedure also uses it.

What should I expect during an ultrasound procedure?

For your convenience, Ideal Gynecology, LLC, offers the two main types of ultrasounds right in the office:

Transvaginal ultrasound

A transvaginal ultrasound uses a transducer inserted in the vagina. Vaginal ultrasounds offer a clear image of pelvic organs as the soundwaves don’t have to travel through skin. Ideal Gynecology, LLC, uses transvaginal ultrasounds to examine and evaluate the health of the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, and bladder.

Abdominal pelvic ultrasound

Abdominal pelvic ultrasounds are commonly used during pregnancy, although they may also be used to diagnose health conditions, including ovarian masses and fibroids. During an abdominal pelvic ultrasound, a gel is applied to your abdomen to help the soundwaves travel through the skin. A transducer is moved around your abdomen to capture pictures of the baby or abdominal structures. 

To schedule an ultrasound appointment, use the convenient online booking tool or call Ideal Gynecology, LLC, today.